Geelong Naturalist

This is published Quaterly as a PDF, and club members also receive a bi-monhtly Newsletter via email with information on upcoming events and news.

Back copies are available on Trove from 2012 to date. We are digitising older copies.

If you wish to contribute to the Naturalist then you can download our guidelines for contributors

Geelong Bird Reports

These are now available on Trove from 1991 to 2016. Work on the next edition to cover records until 2020 is underway.

Other Publications

Checklist of birds of the Geelong region- A complete list of bird species known to occur in the region, including rare species reported by GFNC members-.

Phil Hunter Jan 2019

Flora and Fauna List- for Geelong and surrounds.

From Buckleys to the Break- A history and natural history of the Barwon River through Geelong.



Other Publications related to flora and fauna of the Geelong region.

These works are out of print but copies are held in the GFNC library and are available to members:

Foster, E. & MacDonald, M. (1999) Orchids of the Anglesea District.  Inverted Logic. Brunswick, Vic.

Pescott, T. (1976) By Field and Lane. Belmont.  Neptune Press Pty. Ltd.

Pescott, T. (1976) The Otways.  Melbourne. Rigby Limited.

Pescott, T. (1995) The You Yangs Range.  Yaugher Print, Belmont Vic.

Pescott, T. ed. (1996) Geelong's Birdlife in Retrospect -  A selection of Geelong Advertiser articles by P. J. Wood. Belmont. Yaugher Print.

Trigg, C. & Trigg, M. Wildflowers of the Brisbane Ranges. CSIRO Publishing