Geelong Plant Guides

These guides have been prepared by the GFNC Flora group. They provide detailed botanical notes and information on how to distinguish some of the more difficult to identify species. 


This guide will help you to identify the three naturalized species of Centuarium found growing in the Geelong region.

Dillwynias are Parrot-peas and can be difficult to identify. This guide will help you to identify the four species of Dillwynia found in the Geelong region.   Dillwynia
This guide will help you to distinguish between two Geelong region species of daisies, Cassinia aculeata subsp aculeata and Ozothamnus ferrugineus   cassina
This guide provides an interesting account of mistletoes and the species that depend on them.    Mistletoe
This guide provides detailed notes on how to identify the different Speargrasses (Austrostipa) found in the Geelong region.    Austostipa