Seaview Park is not well known; it is the Council owned land between McIntyre foot bridge and View Street, Belmont. Seaview Park includes the eastern section of the Belmont Escarpment and abuts the Riverview Terrace sewer easement which Barwon Water has partially planted with indigenous species.

The area beyond the top of the escarpment is regularly-mown exotic grass; it includes a small children's play area, an agreed site for a Memory Seat featuring three local rocks and pathway nature-strips for demonstrating small indigenous plants. A modified filled area at the northern end of Eastview Parade was planned to demonstrate indigenous shrubs and a few trees.

GFNC involvement:

The Belmont Escarpment, which carries grassland/shrubland species of state, regional and local significance, is the only partially intact remnant of the endangered Limestone Woodland Complex remaining in the City of Greater Geelong (CoGG). Our club made a credible submission when CoGG Commissioners were intent on selling Seaview Park for residential development in July 1995.  Since that time, a Master Plan  has been prepared by a Council Steering Committee and information collected by club members for interpretive signage. Dick Southcombe, GFNC member, was the Belmont Community representative.

On 11 May 2000, Council passed the role of managing Seaview Park from the Steering Committee to a nucleus Friends Group. Since then many hours have been spent on site and at Barwon Water's Community Nursery by 25+ club members and Belmont Primary School Students. Polly Cutcliffe has led groups collecting and sowing seed, transplanting tubes and planting out. Unfortunately drought years have caused disheartening results but some plants are now well established. Boxthorn and other weeds have been removed.

Past club members Dave King used photo points to record seasonal and post fire growth, Gordon McCarthy took plants-in-flower photos for display boards, and Dick Southcombe monitored plant flowerings.

In a relatively short time all but one of the Seaview Park volunteers were GFNC members; this prompted our club committee to form a Seaview Park Special Interest Group (currently in recess), which associated Seaview Park with a high profile club respected for its ongoing commitment to Geelong's natural environment.

The Belmont Escarpment is worthy of protection by a conservation covenant, and we hope that one day it will be annexed to the Geelong Botanic Gardens. This small patch of pre-settlement vegetation will give enjoyment to the Belmont and wider community. 
Original article by Dick Southcombe (now deceased).

Seaview Park: Geelong Council website :  Includes a map of the park.