Who Are the Geelong Field Naturalists?

The GFNC is a club for anyone interested in wildlife, plants, or conservation in the Geelong region.

The club holds monthly meetings (via a mix of Zoom and face to face) and excursions.

Most meetings have presentations from specialists in aspects of natural history and conservation.

Info on how to join is here

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The club’s ongoing commitment to controlling Boneseed in this part of the You Yangs is an example of what can be achieved through perseverance in the face of what many consider an insurmountable undertaking. 

• after entering the You Yangs Regional Park, take the sealed road to the Turntable which is clearly marked with Parks Victoria signs
• our assembly area at The Saddle is reached via the Turntable car park access to Rockwell Rd—the entry gate to Rockwell Rd is located to the right of the toilet block
• the gate will be unlocked at 8.45.a.m. and at 9.00 a.m. we will travel in convoy to our assembly area; likewise at 3.00 pm. for departure
• if you arrive after 9.00 a.m. the gate will be closed but unlocked
• the Rangers are happy to leave the gate unlocked provided you close it after entry or exit
• there will be a witch’s hat in front of the gate to deter visitors parking over the painted 'NO PARKING' sign
• remove and reposition as required on entry or exit.

NOTE: When travelling from the Rockwell Rd access gate to our assembly area Parks Victoria requires all vehicles to have HAZARD LIGHTS OPERATING. This is due to many hikers/families using Rockwell Rd as a walking track so the road is considered a shared zone. Please be mindful of this if you arrive late or leave early and adjust your speed accordingly ie. 20 km/hr or less.

Bring: Gloves, eye protection (some safety glasses will be available if you don’t have any), mattock (optional). Wear suitable clothing ie. long sleeves/trousers, high visibility vest/top and robust footwear.

Plus bring morning tea/lunch, sunscreen, hat, rain gear (depending on weather forecast). Also camera and binoculars as there is always time to check out the fauna and flora.

Location You Yangs: The Saddle
Rob Beardsley 03 5241 1951 mobile number 0455 432 353. On the day/days Rob Beardsley on his mobile